The 2020 Mini Major West by SEVEN is upon us and we are seeing some indicators of what should be a record turnout for this event.  It’s the 5th anniversary of the Mini Major and we are just eight days from pulling in the first rider.  We have a ton of added events and fun happening in between and after moto’s so check out the info posted below and don’t miss a thing!

Pre Registration:  If you haven’t signed up yet CLICK HERE and check out the 42 classes you can sign up for!  Registration is $5 more per class on site and if you own your own transponder you can enter the number in pre registration and you actually don’t have to wait in line!

Overnight Parking:  To overnight park in a RV you will need a reserved space.  Beauty of this event is that you get to pick your spot on the map and you have a spot reserved.  It is not first come first serve at this event so book your space early.  Each space is marked out and will be 20′ x 60′.  If you want to park next to your buddies you can reserve several spots all together.  You can circle up as long as you fit in your reserved spaces.  CLICK HERE for the page to reserve a spot.  You can also buy your wristband for the event and pit vehicle pass online and save time.

SEVEN Fortnite Tournament:  To kick off the trash talking and competitive spirit SEVEN will be hosting a private online Fortnite Tournament on Friday Sept 18th at 6pm!  We know with quarantine driving everyone indoors the kids have been wild about playing Fortnite.  We will have at least one tournament and if we get enough people to pre register we will host two tournaments with a playoff for the ultimate bragging rights!  You can pre register on the same page we set up for race entries and we will need your Epic Games Username or Gamer Tag so we can track the top finishers for prizes!  SEVEN will be stoking out the top three finishers with 3rd place $100 SEVEN shopping spree, 2nd place free set of SEVEN gear and first place is going to get 11,200 V-Bucks and a $250 shopping spree worth of SEVEN product!  FMF is giving away a one year subscription to “THE DROP” where you get an exclusive t shirt every month that is NEVER available to the general public!  Other sponsors are kicking in prizes and we look forward to stoking out the top finishers!

The KTM / Husqvarna Electric Challenge:  This year we are stoked to present a unique opportunity for racers to ride a new E5 or EE5 in a real race setting.  It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you ride now but KTM and Husqvarna are providing 16 bikes and rider support all weekend long!  You can sign up right no on the pre registration page.  There are already more signups that bikes to we will do a blind drawing of names on Thursday morning before practice at 7:00am at the registration truck.  If you are signed up for this event you need to be there because you will also have a chance to practice that day in a single session.  Each rider that is selected will receive some swag and a great opportunity to get some extra laps.  It’s also all free!  So be at signups Thursday morning at 7am and the final rider list will be selected and posted with your practice groups and race days.  We have 16 riders racing a single day (Friday, Saturday or Sunday for a total of 48) for tons of fun on the newest Electric powered motorcycle from KTM or Husqvarna.

ODI BMX Night at Grand Prix BMX: BMX is a great crossover for MX racers and the pits are always lined up with BMX bikes getting ridden in the dirt of any corner of the facility between motos!  ODI is hosting a free night of open practice on Friday 9/25/20 just at the other end of the fairgrounds at a full BMX track!  Grand Prix BMX hosts some of the biggest races in the area and it’s run by legend Mike Redman.  Make sure to load up your BMX bike and pedal down to Grand Prix BMX at 5pm on Friday night to join fellow racers and a few sponsors.  You may even get some swag!

Stacyc Shred Session: Everyone is looking for a way to #RIDESOONER and the way to get kids ready for MX is a Stacyc!  There will be a special track built for all Stacyc riders at this years Mini Major by SEVEN and Saturday 9/26 there will be a special SHRED SESSION with tons of riders, Kona Ice (cash purchase), and even a head to head battle to finish off under the lights!  The open session runs from 5pm – 6pm, then Stacyc will host a head to head one lap winner take all race!  The overall winner will receive…. Best of all is that if you arrive to watch the races on Saturday your rider who has a Stacyc in the car will get in for just $20 and the rest of the family is free for the Shred Session!  Anyone with a wristband is welcome back on Sunday to check out the racing.  If you need a wristband Sunday’s price will be $10.


Friday 9/18/20 – SEVEN Fortnite Tournament 6pm (Pre reg required)

Wednesday 9/23/20 – 12:00pm – 8:00pm – Pull in day!  Park in your reserved space and get dialed in.  Race track closed.  Kids track will be open.  Packets will be available for pickup if you bought anything online.  Don’t show up too early.  We wont be ready.  You have reserved spots so no worries!  Registration will be open from 3:00pm – 6:00pm.

Thursday 9/24/20 – Gates open at 6:00am. Registration opens at 6:30am.  7:00am Final racers for KTM/Husqvarna Electric Challenge selected live and posted. 8:00am – 2:00 PM Practice.   Each practice session will be 12 minutes and we will give three sessions to each group.  There is no extra fee for practice.  Everyone in the venue must be wearing a wristband.  Gates close at 9:00 pm and no new admittance will be allowed until the next day.

PRACTICE ORDER: (You must go by registration to get practice sticker so we know the waiver is completed)

  1. Supermini/85cc/150F Age Group
  2. 85cc/150f Beginner/Novice
  3. PeeWee PW/XR/TTR/CRF (no KTM’s or Cobras)
  4. 65cc Age Group (No Beginners/Novice)
  5. KTM / Husqvarna Electric Challenge Practice
  6. 65cc Beginner/Novice
  7. PeeWee Age Group (No Beginners/Novice
  8. PeeWee Beginner/Novice (No PW/XR/TTR/CRF)

Friday 9/25/20 – Gates open at 6am.  Registration opens at 6:30 am.  Site lap at 8:00 am and racing to follow immediately.  There is no practice after Thursday.  We will do site laps every 10 motos.  5:00 pm ODI Night at Grand Prix BMX!  Gates close at 9:00 pm and no new admittance will be allowed until the next day.

Saturday 9/25/20 – Gates open at 6am.  Site lap at 8:00 am and racing to follow immediately.  There is no practice after Thursday.  We will do site laps every 10 motos. 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm Stacyc Shred Session on the kids track.  Gates close at 9:00 pm and no new admittance will be allowed until the next day.

Sunday 9/26/20 – Gates open at 6am.  Site lap at 8:00 am and racing to follow immediately.  There is no practice after Thursday.  We will do site laps every 10 motos.  Save a set of fresh gear because Sunday will have a full webcast of the entire day live on Swapmoto Live channels!  Check their youtube and facebook pages and we will also try to get it up on their website.

Day Parking is available each and every day.  It is first come first serve so unless you have a reserved overnight parking space you might have to park a ways out from the track.  We will fill all the normal parking area (which is also registration and sponsor village) and overflow by the Perris Auto Speedway first.  If you are just using day parking keep your vehicle selection compact as you can because there are many large vehicles on site for the whole weekend.  Trailers and extra space may be located farther from the track.

Wristbands are required for everyone attending the event and must be worn at all times.  If you are not wearing a wristband you will be asked to leave and no refunds will be provided.  Starting Wednesday wristbands are $40.  Friday they will be available for $30, Saturday for $20 and Sunday for $10.

Your help in making this a great event is super appreciated.  We are lucky to have great neighbors and a partner in the fairgrounds around us who are helping to let us use their space and keep racers as close to the track as possible.  Make sure you respect all their property and do not make it something that they regret.  Keep track of your kids and do not allow them to ride their motorcycles where they shouldn’t be.  We will keep the kids track open for pit bike riding.  There will be no pit bikes riding in any other use besides going to and from the track.   Remember the Mini Major is all about the kids having a great time.  We want everyone to enjoy themselves.

COVID 19 Precautions:  There are still several standards and practices that can help slow the spread of COVID that we need to be aware of and obey.  You will see plastic separators at the registration tables to protect the staff as well as them wearing masks or face shields.  We use online registration to prevent added contact at the event.  Everyone should remain 6′ apart from those not from your household at all times and when you cannot maintain social distancing be sure to wear a face covering.  Please remember to wash your hands regularly and stay as safe as possible.  It’s not a political statement it’s what we do to keep operating safely.  Just like you see at the pro nationals on TV lets act in a professional manner.  Check out this video we created earlier in the year so you know what to expect.

Thank you all and see you at the Mini Major West by SEVEN!  Special thanks to all of our awesome sponsors as well.