Online Reservations No Longer Needed

Thank you for reading our information this week.  We are very proud to have been one of the first tracks to re-open since the COVID-19 Stay at Home Order given by the Governor of California.  We worked for over a week communicating with local agencies and tracks to come up with a safe plan to allow tracks to re-open.

So far things have gone very smooth and we want to thank those that assisted us in making this possible, but mostly the riders who have helped us meet the safety standards that we agreed on.  We know wearing masks in the parking lot is not ideal but it helps keep us open.  Our staff has spent a lot of time and effort reminding people, but if we all showed up and didn’t wear masks we would be closed again so thank you for participating in this step.div>As an abundance of caution we opened our tracks with a rider limit that was mirroring that of San Bernardino County.  This made it easy to keep the 10′ spacing between vehicles and for those driving by our facility the effort we made to stay safe was clearly visible.

Pre reserving spaces to ride due to rider limits was a process.  A lot of users couldn’t figure out the website and it became a full time job chasing requests to change or refund rides.  We ended up with a lot of days below our limit.  75 riders was a great start but make no mistake this does not make the business profitable.  Having less riders puts a further strain on the operation, plus we made some big investments to improve lights at Perris Raceway and equipment investments at State Fair MX.

Starting Monday There will be no reservations needed at the gate.  We must maintain the distancing requirements.  Not only for our safety to avoid contracting COVID-19 but also to help slow the spread.  In order to maintain the spacing required we have secured some additional parking areas that are normally used for races.

Unlimited Pass Holders!!!  This means that we will start allowing the pass once again.  The way they will come back online is based on your billing date.  So if your billing date is the 15th of every month then you would remain a cash customer until the 15th and then the monthly Unlimited Pass would bill $80 on your account and you would get the benefits of the pass.  Unlimited riding at Perris and State Fair for only $80 a month!  If you don’t have the pass yet visit and get yours today.  If you have an account already you can log-in there as well.  Make sure your email and card info is current so there is no delay in service.  If you wish to cancel the pass the only way to do so is to email  If you wish to cancel please do so at least a week prior to your billing date.

***Important to read this***
Due to COVID-19 procedures we will have a couple of additional rules for attendees. These have to be observed and obeyed in order for us to stay open. If you don’t want to see any more closures please read carefully below and make sure you are not caught voiding any policies. Local authorities will be watching.

Additional Rules:
There are no spectators allowed. Riders only. The only exception to a non rider is if the rider is a minor and one guardian/parent will be allowed per vehicle. Unfortunately for now this eliminates all trainers, photographers and non riding siblings or family.

All riders and guardian/parents will be required to wear face protection once entering the facility. Riders will be required to put on face protection whenever a helmet is worn but are not required to wear both a helmet and face protection. Some form of face protection will be required by every person in the facility at all times.

High risk groups (as determined by the Riverside University Health System Public Health Department) are not permitted. Visit for more information.

If you are feeling any symptoms of illness do not attend.

Attendees are required to park no less than 10′ apart and to remain at least 6′ apart from all other attendees at all times.
Please use the provided hand wash areas that are available at each track and wash frequently if you need to visit any common areas.

All bleachers are closed.

Follow all normal rules and requirements such as no guardian/parent on the track at all times.
Practice sessions must be pre booked through this system.

Observe the rules and we should be able to avoid any further shut downs.
Thank you!

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